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May 15, 2017
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Breakfast Subscription

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Have you ever grumbled the phrase “I am not a morning person!” while drowning yourself in coffee and foraging the kitchen for a banana or protein bar to mindlessly consume in the car? Are you dissatisfied with your sub-par breakfast selection, but the idea of making an omelet or smoothie feels like ten minutes and three dirty dishes too many? Have you come to rely on protein pancakes as the best possible start to your day?

If you answered “You don’t know me! You don’t know my life! *sigh* Fine… maybe… yes.” to any of the previous questions, our Breakfast Subscription may be your solution to a smoother, more nutritious morning routine. Hit your snooze button guilt-free and dine like a king with Food Therapy for breakfast on the daily.

What’s included? 2 orders of our 3-egg scramble and 3 orders of protein pancakes per week.

When? Choose to pick up your meals on Monday, Wednesday, or leave a comment to split your order between both days.

Where? Choose from among our pick-up locations and comment on your order to let us know.

How do I pay? Payments are processed every Friday.

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Add Bacon (+$2), Add Sausage (+$3)

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